About Us

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best credit brokerage services in the UK today. We always strive to stay one step ahead of our competitors to give the customer the best service possible.

We make this clear and simple for our customers with none of the usual financial jargon you read everywhere. We can also help people with bad credit, self employed people and also we have lenders who can accept tenants and homeowners. We really are unbeatable.

Customer Testimonials

“I was so pleased with the service I actually used them again for a second loan of £500. I would definitely recommend applying with them, especially if you have bad credit.”
James from Cardiff

“I have used loan brokers in the past and none of them were able to help me. I recently applied to my own bank and also got turned down, so I applied to Direct Loans. Within 10 days I had the funds clear in my account. In future if I need another loan I shall definitely use them.”
Kerry from Leeds

Unsecured Financial Solutions

We currently have an impressive panel of around 150 lenders. With such a large amount of lenders it maximises your chances of getting accepted for an unsecured loan. We only work with the best, most respectable lenders in the UK.

Some of the lenders on our panel are companies who specialise in providing products and loans to people with a bad credit rating. We are very confident that our service is one of the best in the UK as we are able to help everyone regardless of their credit rating.

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